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Music to A Pet’s Ears

A puppy listens to music through ear buds

Music is a universal language and serves as a stress reliever and mood booster for humans—and music in animal shelters. There are several studies that highlight the positive impact music has on the mind and body.

But, have you thought about the benefits music can offer to animals? It may sound silly, but researchers have proven that music can be a great tool for animals, specifically in pet shelters.

In fact, certain musical compositions can help pets cope with stressors like loud noises and phobias.

Benefits of music for animals

When played, classical music provides a peaceful and calming environment for pets to relax in. Scientists even deemed classical music as beneficial to a variety of animals, including elephants, gorillas, and mice. In addition, music can promote and induce relaxation and calm behavior.

3 Benefits of Playing Music for Your Shelter Pets:

  1. Relieves stress
  2. Boosts their mood
  3. Keeps them company when you’re away

Music Sessions in Animal Shelters

Animal shelters can benefit greatly from regular music sessions. Several shelters across the country have embraced and implemented music into their weekly routines.

If you’re looking to introduce music to your shelter, we suggest starting with slow, calming beats. From there, you can experiment with more upbeat songs to find out how the animals react. Although the animals can’t tell you their preferences, you’ll be able to understand by their behaviors, reactions, and maybe some tail wags, too!

Create the Purrfect Playlist for Your Pets

Spotify conducted a study to find out how pet owners use music with their pets. This study found that 71% of pet owners have played music for their pets. Does this sound like you?

Spotify created an experience unique to each user to build their own pet playlist. Learn more about creating your own playlist for yourself or for your shelter here.


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