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Take the PetBridge tour to learn more about how we can help your shelter save more animal lives!

Pet Display

Pet Display connects the information in your shelter management software to your website, displaying pet details (age, sex, breed, etc.) for potential adopters to review.

Custom Search info for potential adopters.

Information is entered in real time, so animals are instantly displayed.

Seamless integration with your shelter management software.

Saves volunteer and staff time and money, etc.

Pet Alerts

Pet Alerts allow potential adopters to sign up to receive alerts when an animal matching their interest is entered into your shelter management software.

Real time info from your software to adopters.

Texts are sent nationally and locally to those interested.

Animals are adopted faster.

Pet information is automatically distributed to national websites like PetFinder and Adopt-a-Pet for a larger pool of potential adopters.

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps for iPhones and Android devices put the power of adoption in the hands of forever families.

Potential adopters can review the same pet display information including adoption availability on their device.

Digital Kiosks

Digital Kiosks from PetBridge allow shelters to display all the animals in their shelters—including those that aren’t out on the adoption floor.

Real time information from your shelter management system to the kiosk, more animals can be viewed without being on the adoption floor.

Electric Kennel Card

Electronic Kennel Cards provide peak efficiency for shelters.

Electronic Kennel Cards display the information contained on a regular kennel card such as name, breed, age, medical needs, etc. on a tablet rather than paper. Changes occur in real time. No need to manually adjust paper cards!

Lost & Found

The Lost & Found Poster Generator is a great tool for anyone to use.

This free feature provides:

A template for creating a poster for a lost or found animal.

Posters can be printed or shared on social media.
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The PetBridge ReHome feature provides a custom site for shelters working with owners who seek to rehome their pet!

Owners list their pets on your shelter’s website for rehoming. The pet profiles feature photos and detailed information about the pet along with contact information.

These listings help connect potential adopters with owners who are giving up their pets.

Interested parties then contact the owner directly, allowing your pet shelter to serve as a community resource.

Owners don’t give their pets to a shelter, the shelter doesn’t become overpopulated, and pets find a “forever home” with a loving new owner!

Rabies Database

Our Rabies Database is a nationwide platform for pet owners to voluntarily enter in their pet’s rabies tag information, just in case it’s the only form of ID on their pet who is lost.

Free for everyone—pet owners, vets, clinics, shelters to submit and review data.

The Rabies tag database adds an extra layer of protection for pets who could be lost with no other identifying information.
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All of these steps on our tour lead to more adoptions and more reunifications for pets and their forever families!