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Rabies Tag Search

Enter the rabies tag number below to search and if an exact match is found, the information will be displayed. Please note: Database is dependent on self-submitted data from pet owners. If no data exists, then the rabies tag has not been submitted.

Entries for Rabies / Submit Tag

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Rabies Tag Number Pet's Name
3386374 Unkiwn
20115 Dasher
20030 Poppy
220074 Buster
C543314 Raya
064746 Rain
2023-50729 Leland
137008 Boss
053283 Cookie
B802672 Capone
B802672 CAPONE
682812 Loki
682812 Loki
113418 Johnny
B927698 Dwight
241746 Toby parker
29164 Teddy
V2227899 Winston
B440871 Jasper
240621 Daisy may
1 2 3 203